Friday, September 23, 2005

Outstanding instructors

I think Professor Leveson has potential to end up in my Outstanding Instructors category. I believe this to be a group of people who know their subjects and are effective at passing this information along. Here are my members so far and what they taught:

Junior high: Ms. Dow (Gifted and talented general classes), Mrs. Engdahl (English)
High School: Mr. Pane (English), Ms. Conley(English)
College: Prof Saccio (Shakespeare), Prof Rassias (French)
Grad: ?
Other: Lisa Kaplan (Jazz/Lyrical dance), Ahron Davidi (religious school) (No, he's not in here just because he is my dad)

Looking back, I can see why I was influenced to study English literature and creative writing in college after having such great teachers in my younger years.

Back to the present, I really enjoy Leveson's teaching style as well as the reasonable amount and type of work she assigns. The three-hour class goes by like nothing.

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Mane the Mean said...

I think David Simchi-Levi will make it to your list.

Personally, I would add (from MIT) Sanjev Sharma (the RFID-professor), and possibly Crawley (though his teaching speed is somewhat on higher side - I have sometimes some difficulties to follow his stream of slides).

Oh, I forgot: F. Salvucci is just phenomenal. If you have a possibility to take his "urban transport planning", do it.