Thursday, May 26, 2005


I have got to admit that last night was one of the most spectacular nights of television EVER (not including sporting events, of course). "American Idol" was surprisingly good and even touching at times... it cracks me up that all these people they made fun of during the season show up at the finale, like the woman who butchered the National Anthem (offensive, yes). You feel guilty feeling good. Oh well. I liked Bo and Carrie both, so it was fun to watch.

"Lost" was particularly amazing last night. Ohmigod, what a finale! At one point I got so scared that I found myself sitting on my couch clutching Manny the Manatee and Cuteso and Muttsy (my two stuffed dogs from childhood) like a scared little girl at a slumber party. Luckily, Scully saw my strife and jumped in my lap, giving me a real animal to cling to (either that or she just wanted a few swipes at Manny...maybe a combo of the two...). Mark this down as one of those times I would much rather not have been single; it would have been so much nicer to cling to Tom Brady or Tiki Barber.

The finale moved at an amazingly brisk pace, unlike the good but slower "Desperate Housewives" finale. It was interesting to see the interactions among the islanders as they were getting on the plane that would strand them all on the island. The most chilling part was when the Others at sea took Walt. Ooooo...I get chills just writing about it. That was by far the biggest twist. The second biggest surprise was when it looked like they killed off Hurley. Thankfully, they hadn't. Okay, I'm just babbling on about "Lost." To see the Globe's review, go here.


Yoav said...

Tiki and Tom would have switched to the Heat game... ;)

Ilana said...

Tiki and Tom would have been so enthralled by me that they would have been watching and listening to me instead of to the television ;)