Monday, May 23, 2005

"Sideways" vs "Bring it On"

I watched Sideways on Saturday night, and just finished up Bring it On tonight (for about the thousandth time). I would not make it as a Hollywood critic, as my feelings on these two movies flies in the face of their reviews.

Sideways: PAINFUL. A whiny, bratty, insipid little man goes on a trip to wine country with his cheating college roommate. Admittedly, I enjoyed the scenes of the wineries and was definitely craving Pinot by the end. However, I was also rooting madly against Miles hooking up with Mia. This part was so depressing! Here is this strong woman, beautiful, smart, getting her graduate degree, and she has to settle for a whiny little bitch like Miles? Nuh-uh. I barely made it through this movie without beating myself over the head with a shoe.

Bring it On: Feel-good, racially-harmonized cheerleader flick. How can you not like this movie? It's silly fun with a simple morale about treating your fellow man (or cheerleader) as you would want to be treated. Lots of fun cheer routines. And who could dislike a movie that ends with a dance sequence to the Eighties' classic "Mickey?" (Yes, I once did a solo to "Mickey." Give me enough money and I will show you the video.) Yay, Bring it On!

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Pamela said...

I completely agree with you. Both male Sideways characters were pathetic and the women deserved much better.