Saturday, May 07, 2005

PDD Presentations

I drove down to Providence today--stopping briefly in Sharon to bring my mother flowers and a card for Mother's Day and to pick up my dad--to see the PDD (Product Design and Development) presentations. I am happy I did. I really enjoyed myself, and so did my dad.

We got there late (too late for Aimee's or Rajeev's or Kevin's team's presentations =(), so left immediately to get falafel at a local restaurant (so yummy). We got back in time to catch Robbie's and Matti's team's presentation of their exercise machine. After hearing talk of this product earlier, I did not expect much. I was pleasantly surprised! What a cool product. Good job guys! My father was very impressed.

Uday and crew did a good presentation of their baby formula maker. The two highlights of that one were Uday's comments about making baby formula ("it takes the hands of a surgeon and patience of a saint") and the video of Jeanne demonstrating the product. Very cute stuff, and much more impressive than the second baby formula's team's presentation and product.

I must say, though, that best presentation and product go to Christian and Dave (the presenters), and Yoav, Matt, Sam, Spiros, and Eugene. Highlights of that presentation include Christian's comments of their opening drawing, which featured a drawing of a man next to their Disk Thrower to show scale. Christian commented, "As you can see from the picture, our target market is nude guys." I didn't know if I would regain composure, but I managed to somehow (unlike yesterday in Tech Strategy when I had to wait for the prof to crack a joke). The audience cheered for a demo, and the team obliged. It was a great time.

The lowlight of the day was driving home and hearing that the windchill is EIGHTEEN DEGREES. Dave's girlfriend Brittany commented that she left eighty-degree weather for dad had disappeared so I couldn't guilt-trip him, but I responded by saying that I had left eighty-degree weather for this permanently...sigh....

Of course, Dan and the crew called me on my way home from their outdoor house/pool party in Atlanta. Thank goodness the PDD presentations had been so much fun, or I might have driven down there and not come back =D

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