Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What would you do to see sun right now?

Okay, boston people. What would you do to see the sun right now? Here is my list:

1. Sit through six ERBA classes IN A ROW
2. Do ERBA homework number one again....without Spiros's or Steve's help
3. Go on 10 blind dates
4. Run through Harvard Yard screaming "I love Harvard."
5. Cheer for a-rod (but mostly because he admitted to being in therapy today, and that's a pretty ballsy move)

Right now, I am sitting in my office with my space heater on, listening to country music, looking at my picture of Destin, and pretending I'm there right now. Sigh...


Yoav said...

Six is wonderfully productive, though -- I've finally finished the book reviews I've been contracted to do ;)

Socialist Swine said...

Unfortunatly I can relate. Like you I am sitting here in my tiny office not much larger than a bathrooom, with my spaceheater and radio. It seems that I see the sun so infrequently that it actually hurts my eyes now. Urggggggggggggggggggggggg