Sunday, May 08, 2005

LFM Party!

Last night, I topped off a fun day by braving the forty-degree weather to go to an LFM toga party thrown by Christy, Lynn, and Mindy (And, of course, Aimee and Amy who also invited me).

Not having any extra sheets lying around, I wrapped my dolphin sarong around me and used pins and prayer to keep it on. We actually only had one peek-a-boo incident, which occurred in my garage. No one got to sad for them...

On the way there, I pulled an absolute Ilana. I had scribbled down the directions on a little piece of paper. I didn't write down the address, remembering that with all the parties I had been to, I could always tell the party house by the overabundance of cars parked outside. Um, Ilana? You were in Cambridge, not Atlanta. ALL PARKING SPOTS ARE FILLED AT ALL TIMES. Eve was nice enough to get into my evite on her palm phone to tell me the address.

The trials and tribulations of getting there were definitely worth it. The LFM'ers are so much fun! When I got there, everybody was sitting around playing bullshit. We then progressed to Uno Bullshit, then onto BizzBuzz. I needed a party like this! After the games were over, we watched the James Bond video they had made for their PDD project, then turned the apartment into a dance club.

It was so much fun hanging out with fun people--especially the women! I often forget how few women are in my program and how liittle interaction I have with people of my own gender. It was really nice to be able to dance around and act silly.

Of course, now the LFM'ers are all leaving on their internships. So sad! Their return will be well-timed...they'll be back in January just as all our 13-monthers are leaving. I'm sure that their return will boost my spirits as many of my SDM friends leave.


Mane the Mean said...

Yes, in the civilized world,
people are rich enough to employ
drivers. There is no need to
use own car for going to a

I always had a driver in Helsinki.
Every day. I was great.

I always have a driver in Boston
too, when I need to go further
than MIT. It is great.

I would definitely die of desperation in some small town
America, where I could not have
my own driver. Like in Atlanta
or LA.

Mane the Mean said...

Who says I am about to leave?
I will stay put in MIT for the
foreseeable future, which is
about 5 years.

You are not getting rid of me
that easily!

Ilana said...

Yay! I'm happy you will not be leaving so soon!

Yoav said...

These comments make so little sense...

Mane the Mean said...

Well, the amount of sense
the comments make is directly
proportional to the amount of
sense possessed by the reader.