Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Presentation Over!

The Apollo presentation yesterday went very well. After reaching a peak of 120 bpm, my heart slowed down and I was able to present.

The audience seemed to enjoy our talk. I did look up once to see a certain Fuzzy Fin with his eyes closed, possibly asleep. Mean mane? What say you?

I only messed one thing up...I referred to a man in a picture as Eldon Hall, rather than Hugh Blair-Smith. This would have passed completely unnoticed in most history-type classes, but unfortunately, Eldon Hall was in the room =). He didn't say anything, though.

After the presentations, we spoke with Jim Nevins, then Dan Lickly and his wife Sue. They were both great people! I really enjoyed speaking with them.

Also, I must remember to tell you the story of Undergrad Bitch and the Poetry.


Mane the Mean said...

not sleeping.

I had migraine. The lights hurt.

I had to close my eyes for a while.

During presentation and 2 hours after
it,adrealin helped.

Why do you call me fuzzy?

Ilana said...

Poor Matti! =(

You're fuzzy because you have a beard and long hair, and because it starts with an "F" like "Fin" does =D

Mane the Mean said...

Oh - I like being Fuzzy.
A new way of thinking. nice.

And the migraine is over now.
It seems that laughing helps
a lot.