Thursday, May 05, 2005

Enough with Apollo Already!

I am so ready for that class to be over. The classes with cool speakers are over with, and now we are left to struggle with our papers.

If you have been following this blog, you know that my group has been having problems. Well, we just got back a draft of our paper from the assistant to the professors, and it basically got torn apart...FOR ALL THE REASONS ROBBIE AND I KNEW IT WOULD. Basically, we are not aiming towards a thesis at all. Pshaw...who needs a thesis?

There is so much technical detail in this paper (as our all-knowing undergrad told us earlier, "This is an ENGINEERING class. It should be an ENGINEERING paper." Hey, brat? Bite me.) The technical stuff adds nothing to our thesis. Sigh...

I get to take the first shot tonight at fixing this P.O.S. up. I am NOT used to having my papers torn apart like this. Me no like.


Yoav said...

Yikes ;( I hope you get joy out fixing it up, and that the resulting grade will be good...

Mane the Mean said...

Do we need to show the paper
to someone before the presentation?

We have no paper to show before the
presentation, only after.

Ilana said...

Nah, Sandy happened to be sitting in when we were going through out paper on the projector. Guidance and control is his pet project, so he volunteered to help.

Mane the Mean said...


What I think about Apollo-papers is:

One has to know the engineering,
but one must not write it in the
paper. One must use the engineering
to back up a thesis about history,
practice of engineering, or whatever.

It is the same this as with Master
Thesis: you must know the details,
but you must not write all your
knowledge in the thesis.