Sunday, May 01, 2005

Productive Sunday

I started off my day by going to Wilson's Farm in Lexington to load up on fruits and veggies. They have the best stuff, and it's not expensive. Kind of like a big, indoor farmer's market filled with suburbanites.

I came home, dropped off my purchases, and headed for the gym for an hour-and-a-half workout. (Cardio, legs, abs). After that, I walked up to Copley for some shopping, and took the T home after about an hour.

I was very proud of my productive day, considering I was out until 2am last night. First with Kevin, Maja, Yoav, and Allison. I then wandered back to Charlestown to meet up with Andrew. Danny was working the bar, which is always a very evil thing. Somehow, raspberry stolis and sodas kept appearing in front of me!

Andrew managed to pick up a chicky, Michelle, who had a friend Marlo along. The four of us headed to Grand Canal for some dancing. Then Andrew and I headed back to the Warren Tavern for some after-hours boozing.

Now I am faced with finishing up the Apollo paper. Our bratty undergrad took a stab at it and managed to add even more run-on sentences...grrr...

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Yoav said...

This is the first time I've seen you blog details of your workout...