Monday, May 02, 2005

Today's Workout

Yoav pointed out that I never talk about my workouts (except to bitch about the gym...heehee!), so here are the details of my workout today.

- 30 minutes on the elliptical.
- 5 minutes cool down.
- 5 minutes running down to my locker because i forgot my weight-lifting gloves (which I only use for arms)

- 7 minutes warm up:
3 sets of 20 abs, 20 obliques with a 6-pound medicine ball at a 45 degree angle.

- 60 minutes arms
3 sets of 12 back thingies
3 sets of 30 tris, 15 bis
3 sets of 15 pecs: pushing the bar thing
3 sets of 20 pull-downs (back)
3 sets of 20 rows (lower back)
3 sets of 20 fold-overs (lower back)
3 sets of 12 shoulder presses
3 sets of 15 pec flies
3 sets of 20 overheads (back/shoulders)
3 sets of 15 shoulder flies
hmm...i think that's it for arms

- 15 minutes abs
I know the names for none of these things. Several with the yoga ball, some crunches, lots of lower abs.

- 5 minutes cool down.

Happy, Yoav? =D


Eve said...'re good

Yoav said...

Hmm, now I don't know if I believe you do so much at every workout ;) But my appetite for your gym details is sated, yes, so thank you very much ;)

Ilana said...

Dude, believe it! If you don't, you can come work out with me and I'll show you =)