Sunday, May 22, 2005

Friday Night Bender

Lately, I have been really homesick for Atlanta and my friends there. The weather here definitely has not been helping. I really miss having an automatic party any day of the week. As Dan put it, our circle of friends is like an amoeba, expanding and contracting and engulfing other amoebas. I really miss that. The core is a group of about 10-15 people, evenly split boys-girls, who I used to play softball with (you can read about our St Patrick's Day vacation in Savannah in the March entries on this blog).

As I've previously mentioned, I really adore my friends at MIT as well, but the folks in Atlanta are just a different families, mostly single, and mostly always drunk. =)

So in order to compensate for my perceived lack of a life up here, I called Andrew and Dave, my Charlestown buddies, and convinced them to join me for a bender. Here was our itinerary:

7:00 PM -- Warren Tavern (duh) I had two of my raspberry stolis and soda, as well as some shot that Shannon made us. We realized we would actually have to pay for our drinks, so ventured into town

8:30 PM -- Hong Kong Two scorpion bowls. Ouch. Not smart.

??? -- Luca in the North End. A Peach Bellini martini.

??? -- That cigar place in the North End. Cigars and and a glass of port. At this point, Dave bows out.

??? -- Green Dragon. I think I was having water by this point. We hung out with some girls we met there who were using corny lines on men in the bar. They had me say, "I'm an American Express card. Don't leave for home without me." Of course, the guy I said it to turned out to be 24. After pointing out that I was older than him, he said, "You're what, 25?" Not so, my young little munchkin. Buh bye.

??? -- Bell in Hand. NO idea. I think I was still standing at this point.

2 am --- HOME. Made myself Ramen. YUM.

4 am -- Wake up tasting like an ashtray and wondering how that happened until remembering the cigars.

9 am -- Out of bed and not even hung over!


Drew said...

I just wanted Ilana to feel like she was at home. I could probably fill in some of the times, but what fun would that be. Anybody building an ARK, has it been 40 days yet? Cheers.

Eve said...

ramen... yum!