Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Unexpected Trip

Dan called me today. His mother died suddenly. She was a very sweet woman, and I really am sad. I tried to go meet my classmates at the Asgard for the end-of-semester celebration, but I was too down to stay out.

I am going down to Florida Friday morning to be with Dan for his mother's viewing. She will be buried in Detroit on Tuesday. I want Dan to be alone as little as possible. Couples can sometimes forget how hard it is to be alone going through something like this. I know Dan would do the same for me.

I don't think MITRE is going to be very happy with my schedule (out of work Friday, then jury duty next Thursday, in for the following week, on vacation the next, then school starts again). Don't really know what I can do about it. =/

1 comment:

Yoav said...

You're spending a lot of time with Dan, no? ;) You're a good friend to have.

And oh yeah, fuck mitre ;)