Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New York

Just finished off three great days in New York and am now in Atlanta preparing for the trip to Destin. The quick rundown:

Friday: Train to New York. Make train buddy. Have beers with her and girltalk. Train friends are fun! =D Upon arriving in New York, couldn't find a cab so walked to the Hyatt to find Dan, Goober, and Tara sitting around drinking (what a surprise!) We then made our way down to Original Ray's Pizza for dinner, then to Eve's to drop off and pick up stuff, then down to the village. We went to McSorley's for one (aka two) beer, but it was way too crowded. We left there and went to a different pub instead.

Saturday: Breakfast at the hotel. Then a haircut downtown. Then to the RED SOX game. Dude...we won 17-1. It was incredible. We were sitting next to a few good-spirited Yankees fans who had us laughing the whole game. After sitting through game three of the ALCS last year, I definitely deserved this game. We enjoyed several beers as well as chicken fingers and cheese fries. YUM. Got back to the hotel and went to the happy hour there for free appetizers and beer. Brought 'em back to the room. Passed out by 8pm (yes, I'm blushing now).

Sunday: A search for a good New York bagel ensues but results in mediocracy. In line for tickets. Went to see "Sweet Charity" with Christina Appelgate (despite my pushing to see the spellers play). It was great! She did a wonderful job. We had second-row tickets to the right of the stage for only 54 bucks! Too much fun. Then we wandered down to Little Italy for dinner, then back uptown to hit a sports bar to watch the Sox kick the Yank's collective arse AGAIN.

Monday: Quick breakfast at the hotel, drop off luggage at desk, then took the subway to Ground Zero. I hadn't been there since November 2001. It was very moving. Everybody wiped away tears. After that, Tara and Goober went back uptown to hit Central Park while Dan and I went to South Street Seaport. We took a boat ride known as the Shark, where we were warned that everybody could get wet. The guide indicated several rows of "safe seats." We were immediately behind these seats. To make a long story short, I was DRENCHED. We were at full speed around downtown, stopping for pictures at the Statue of Liberty (it was Memorial Day...too cool!) When we were getting off the boat, one of the guides noted that we didn't look too wet...until he saw me. I looked up and said, "It's because I'm wearing a Red Sox shirt, isn't it?" He laughed and pointed that out to all those waiting. Luckily, we had won the series in style.

We then went to Katz's in the Lower East Side for corned beef sandwiches (after getting pickles at the pickle stand). From there, we went to Central Park where we met Eve and Jeff. We sat around and talked, then went to Whole Foods for Jamba Juice smoothies. YUM. Back to the hotel for more kibbitzing, flight to the airport, sleep, and now drive to Destin!

Sorry for lack of links or highlighting. I need to get to the beach! I'll try to come back and link stuff up when I get a chance.

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Yoav said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Yay! You deserved it.

Did I understand correctly that you took a train from Atlanta to NYC? Isn't that a wicked long trip? And now you're driving from NYC to Destin, also a wicked long trip?

NYC bagels are no better than Brookline bagels, e.g. Kupel's, for sure. This is from an experienced bagel eater in both cities ;)