Monday, August 01, 2005

At school early, Sprint PCS has bad customer service

Nothing too thrilling happening so far today. I'm at school way too early. I wanted to avoid the parking problem of last week, so left work early. Too early. Despite the fact that today is street cleaning day in this part of Cambridge, there were many spots in the West Annex lot. Well, not many, but three.

Today I did battle with Sprint. Long story short, my phone broke, they replaced it with a different model (refurbished of course), the zoom on that camera didn't work, I got promised a new, unrefurbished phone would be waiting for me at Sprint PCS Burlington, I called to check, and it wasn't. Turned out the technician with whom I spoke on Saturday didn't troubleshoot correctly, and in a few quick steps, the zoom was fixed.

However, the fact that the technician had promised me a new phone and not delivered irked me. I double checked with him at the end of the call, "So Monday there will be a new--not referbished--phone waiting for me at Sprint PCS Burlington." He repeated my statement. Nope! I would have been stuck standing around at the Sprint store if I hadn't called first.

(When I went to Sprint to pick it up in the first place, I had to wait an hour to get it, which doesn't include the 20 minutes or so I waited for a sales guy to help. This is after they didn't call me as promised to let me know my phone was in. Grrrr...)

I've had Sprint since 1996 (yup, I'm an early adopter). I have never complained before. You know what the guy offered me??? Five percent off next month's bill! I told him that that just showed how much Sprint values their customers' time, so he bumped it to fifty. By this time, I'm sick of the whole thing, so go to hang up. The guy then says, "I notice you haven't taken advantage of Spring long distance at home." My response? "I cannot believe you are trying to sell me long distance right now." Him: "Neither can I."


thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

Mane the Mean said...

T-mobile suck big time, too.

It seems, that the phone companies
are in virtual cartel. There is
no real competition among them.
The year-long contracts should be
banned by th law, and easy changing
of operator without changing phone#
should be mandated.

I would not be holding my breath, though.

Yoav said...

I've been happy with Cingular for 8+ years now.

Year-long contracts are always optional.

You can change operators without changing phone numbers, by federal law.

But you can also whine, again by federal law ;)

Ilana said...

Whining RULES! Hmmm...maybe I will switch over to Cingular or Verizon. I actually do not have a contract. I may have one related to my phone, but that POS died, so I hereby free myself from it! =D

Mane the Mean said...

Oh, I did not know. I have to do that then. Maybe I have to look at things before whihing, next time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ilana-

Just came across your blog! Very cool. I just sent an email via your Dartmouth account. If you get a chance would love to catch up.