Sunday, August 28, 2005

Woohoo! What a weekend

Okay, quick weekend log:

Friday I went out to meet Bob, Andrew, and Dave at Bell in Hand. When I got there, Bob was sitting at the bar talking to the bartender. She and I got to talking, and it turned out that she was from Stoughton, the town next to where I grew up. She was tall and athletic looking, and had graduated high school the year before I did, so I asked if she played hoops for Stoughton. Sure enough, she had.

I laughed at this, as my basketball team always had to get a police escort when playing Stoughton. I remarked that one of their girls had wanted to kill one of ours...the girl on my team being a big huge fat girl who was quite mean to me when I made Varsity as a freshman. The bartender laughed and said that she had been the one after the Heifer. I told her I wished she had succeeded. =D It was fun to reminisce.

Saturday, I went to the beach with Katie after sleeping in to recover from my weekend in Atlanta. We had a great time at Singing Beach, eating slushies, fruit, potato chips, and ice cream over the course of the day. It was really nice to lay around and relax on the beach again. I also discovered that Katie is also going to Pittsburgh next weekend, so we are plotting a way to end up at the Pirates-Cubs series.

Saturday night my dad and I went to the Sox game. We parked at MIT and walked over. As always, it was nice to see John and Meredith, the couple who sits next to me. Unfortunately, there was some ignoramous in the row behind us that kept shouting nonsensical things. He was excellent with manipulating cursewords, letting Millar know how much he liked him. I'm sure Millar was very impressed. He was a true dumb-dumb. Anyway, the game was not a good one...the Sox lost 12-8!!! My dad and I still had an awesome time...we had a hot dog and a beer each.

I love going to games with my dad because it always reminds me of being a kid and going with him. We talked pretty much the whole game, so the Sox performance was really not such an issue (well, today it is, what with the Yankees only 1.5 games back).

Today, I woke up and walked to Filene's Basement, after deciding to forgo a work barbecue to spend time selfishly by myself. I bought some very nice things, then made my way home. I spent the rest of the day reading, watching movies, and baking brownies (my emergency brownies that I freeze individually so that I can defrost them on days when I need them).

In other news, my SecurID token is not working, preventing me from logging into work. I lost one, and got a replacement. I like to work from home in the evenings, a habit I started while at CNNSI. I find I work more efficiently, and actually enjoy the work more. It's weird to be a Sunday night and not be able to log in at all. Oh well, more work for Monday. I guess it's nice to be forced to enjoy my continued relaxation.

All in all, an extremely good weekend. It was so nice to just relax and do next to nothing. Tomorrow starts a busy work week, then a weekend trip to Pittsburgh for a wedding with Dan (and now Katie and her man!), a flight to Atlanta and drive to Tallahassee to see the Florida State-Miami game, followed by a trip to (you guessed it) Destin to see Kellie, Allen, Payton, and Bailey before they move to Raleigh.

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