Tuesday, August 09, 2005

No more accounting!

Accounting is over and done with. Yay! I don't want to talk about the exam. I didn't exactly enjoy it. I ended up having to take the day off from work in order to study after conking out the night before.

After the exam, however, Dave and I headed over to Fenway to hit the Beerworks and take in the ballgame with 18 of my coworkers and their spouses. We started off at the Beerworks, where Dave had blueberry beer and I had watermelon. We also tore into a plate of cheese fries, one of the Beerworks' specialities...so good.....

Katie and Sean got there a little later, and the four of us drank and talked for some time before the game. The remainder of our department was supposed to meet us there, but did not show up (which was not a surprise to me). We headed over to our seats around 6:45. On the way, I bumped into Jamie Lipscomb, who played football at Dartmouth while I was a manager of the team. It was great to see him. Immediately after wandering from him, we ran into Harry and Jake and his family. Oo! And we also stopped on the way for Dave to buy a cap (a pretty kick-ass cap, actually).

We got into the game just in time for the anthem. There were a lot of new names on the roster, including Graffanino, who ended up going 3-3 with a walk, home run, and I think 5 RBI's. He was awesome! The game itself was great...definitely not a pitchers' duel. The teams traded runs in many innings. Very fun.

I was kind of bummed to be sitting on the opposite end of the row from John, who was there with his family. John is definitely one of the biggest (if not the biggest) fans in our department. His kids are adorable, and I was a bit sad not to have gotten to talk to them or his wife. Next time!

It was a great night: The weather was gorgeous. I had a hot dog and a couple beers at the game. We got to hear all great ballpark songs today: the Anthem, "Take me out to the Ballgame," "Sweet Caroline," and "Dirty Water" once we won. Like Yoav, I had been on a bad losing streak at Fenway, dating all the way back to last year. We're talking like 8 games here!

Bad streak broken, Katie, Dave, and I left the park to wander back to MIT. Matt's party had died down, so I drove Katie and Dave home, then headed back to Chucktown completely unencumbered by thoughts of Accounting exams.

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