Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Warren Tavern

Monday night I headed to the Tavern. Danny had called me to get me there Sunday night, but I was beat from the beach and promised to head over on Monday. He was bartending and Greg was managing. I sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks while watching the game and chatting with the two of them. I left (when Schilling came in, just before he blew the game), and headed home after about two hours. Good, relaxing night.

Let me tell ya, not having homework is awesome!!!!


Mane the Mean said...

nope, it is not. I am getting bored.

I know, I could work on my thesis, but its time has not come yet.

some small simple essays, maybe, would be fun. well, I think I have to invent them myself. But it is so hard after getting used to doing coursework.

Anonymous said...

True, little bit boring without assignment. Finally have a chance to fishing last night, try to get catfish with fish gut. Got one bite, it was a two-lb bass, amazing.