Friday, August 12, 2005

Good end to the week

The week definitely is ending on a high note. Yesterday I gave two briefings: one to a smaller group in the morning, and the second to a slightly larger crowd in the afternoon which included my boss and customer. Both went very well. My boss even left me a sticky that said, "Great job!" on my desk. He is tough, and compliments like that mean a lot. So YAY!

That night, I met mom and dad out for dinner. We went over to Figs, which they have wanted to try. We had a great booth by the window. Of course we over-ordered and had lots of leftovers. We also shared a pitcher of Sam Summer which made my mother particularly entertaining =D. Winters here are tough, but I love having my parents close enough that we can decide to do dinner last minute and still meet out.

Today I had yet another meeting, then got lots done at work. I was interviewed by a diveristy magazine about how I chose to come to SDM. I also took pictures of myself for the upcoming article on bloggers at Sloan. I look like a true dork when I sit at a computer. Sucks that about 80 percent of my waking hours are spent in that state! =D

Afterwards, I sold my Stones tickets to a very nice (and very good-looking, but that's beside the point) man. Then it was off to Grafton Street or something like that where I met Dave, his girlfriend Brittany, Christian, Matt L, and several of their friends out for a drink. Brit looked beautiful as always and is so sweet...sure you don't want to move up here, at least til Dave is done with school? =D

We then went to hear the Avett Brothers bluegrass band. They were hysterical. The music was great and funny. Matti and Kumar were there, though I really didn't get to speak to them as they were seated separately from us. (Wow the sentences preceding this paranthetical sound like I'm twelve years old and writing about what I did on my summer vacation...not good...) ANYWAY, they were so good I bought a CD, as did Matt L. Neither Dave nor Christian had to, having known the band well enough to have been recognized during the show.

Then I came home...I was scared I had left on my toaster, and for once I actually had. Everything was okay, though. Whew! That's what I get for making cookies in the toaster.

Tomorrow Liz and Corey are coming at 10am to get me, and we are driving up to Gloucester to camp and go out in Rockport at night. Hopefully, Eve (and maybe Jeff?) will make it into the city for breakfast first.


Mane the Mean said...

Funny that my blog has not been noted when writing the article on blogs in Sloan. Maybe I am too verbose, or write too much about politics/things outside MIT/SDM? Or maybe they just do not bother interviewing aliens.

World is not fair!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ilana,

It's great to see some MIT bloggers!
Keep it up.

I'm a techie woman considering applying to SDM/MIT.

Could I write to you to ask a few questions about the program?

Thanks in advance!

Ilana said...


Excellent. Yes, I could definitely answer questions for you. Call the SDM office, and tell them to give you my info. If they don't believe I gave them permission, tell them the key phrase is "Ilana loves ERBA." They should give it to you without a problem though. Looking forward to speaking with you!

And Matti, sorry about your absent blog. They don't know what they're missing!!!