Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bars closing, bars staying open

The Littlest Bar in Boston is closing. I'm not sure if it's because the Atlanta folk don't go there all the time or because we went there once. =D Kidding.

Speaking of Atlanta, I talked to Sharleene last night. I really miss her and she is going through a tough time, still undergoing physical therapy after being hit while driving by a drunk 8pm on a Saturday! I wish you alll the best, Sharleene.

Last night, we went out for Dave Schiller's birthday at the Asgard. It was a lot of fun. Yoav blogged about that. And as he said, we did go to the Warren Tavern where I got to see Greg, Danny, Justin, and John. Going back there is always fun.

I couldn't stay out too late because I had a briefing this morning in front of the Architecture Council. It actually went very well, and they have asked me to do the brief again for those that missed the meeting.

For lunch today, Katie and I went to the Cheesecake Factory. It is so nice to work with a woman again! Especially young and single. =D We ate yummy sandwiches and talked about lots of girl stuff, including the 70-percent-of-women-thinking-they-would-be-further-ahead-if-they-were-prettier survey. Katie agreed that in our field the opposite was true (some of y'all may have seen the blog entry I posted briefly on the topic. If you didn't, I can email it to you...controversial topic, don't need it up here for work reasons =))

Now going out to a women's networking dinner with Jamie who I met at Elwin's party last week. Yay! Going out to eat twice in one day always reminds me of Atlanta. =) Of course, I used to work out a heckuva lot more, so I could get away with it. =D


Mane the Mean said...

Oh, I was already wondering whether
your blogging SW is unreliable.
So that someone took offence of your
blog. What sissy co-workers you have!

Other thing: why is eating out
twice a day a bad thing? I assume
that you would anyway eat at least
twice a day, so eating out should
not make any difference. Just choose
something non-fatty, if at all possible.

And franky, I think that being too
skinny or too fit is not that
good thing, and does not make anyone
look good. IMHO, what is inside
count, not what outside looks.
And at least in Finland, and
at least within those circles I
tend to stay, this is how everyone

By the way, coming back to your
disappeared blog entry, this
article may be of interest:,3604,1542011,00.html

Ilana said...

Actually, haven't taken offense yet, but like I wrote, no one was supposed to know about the damn security guard, so I took it down. =/

When I ate out twice a day in Atlanta for a few months, I put on eight pounds. You should know by now I have no will power, so going non-fatty when there are fries on the menu is virtually impoosible. =D

Agreed, being too skinny is a bad thing. However, I like to stay fit. It makes me a happier person between the endorphins and being able to wear whatever clothes I like. =)