Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sure would be nice to be able to pay my bill

A couple weeks ago, I received a mildly threatening email from the folks at SDM. Turns out if I don't pay my bill by September 2, I will not be able to enroll for Fall term. I am fine with this rule; I actually thought I had paid my summer bill and expensed it, but I had only done that for Spring.

However, I have been trying to get in touch with the finance guy at SDM for two weeks now, and find myself unable to get answers about how to pay my bill. I have important meetings over the next few days that I cannot simply skip out on to make the trek down to Cambridge. Friday is the deadline, and it seriously looks like I am not going to make it. Looks like I will have a bunch of free time on my hands come September 7.

And yes, I realize it is my own fault for mixing up my bills, but I have been trying to rectify that situation for fourteen days now to no avail.

Update: The distance coordinator just returned my call, but couldn't tell me how to actually go about paying the bill. Am waiting on a call back.


Yoav said...

I sent them an email, they got back to me (Jeff Shao did) in a couple of days. Try giving him a call: you definitely don't need to stop by in person.

It's a similar lesson to the January books ripoff.

Ilana said...

Yeah, I'm planning to pay for those by handing them back over. What a load of (use Fat Bastard's voice here) crrrap.

Ilana said...

Oh, and I've called and left messages for Jeff Shao.

Mane the Mean said...

you cannot give back the books.
You MUST pay for the books,
you have no option.

they screwed us big time,
and we do not have any way to

Usually, you can pay all bills
by handing a check to Jeff Shao,