Monday, February 06, 2006


The final score:
Steelers (and referees): 21
Seahawks: 10

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I'm not saying the Steelers would not have won if they hadn't had the refs on their side, but damn! those were some one-sided, no-make-up calls.

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Also, since when is a gyrating 62-year-old sexy? Ew! Whenever they showed the drummer in the purple shirt, my stomach turned. Ew! The whole thing seemed like some weird performance recorded in a rest home.

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My favorite commercial by far was the FedEx dinosaur one. Magnifique!


Keith said...

I honestly thought someone should've pulled the drummer aside before he went onstage and told him, "Look, you're going to be on in front of millions of people in one of the most-watched events of the year... not so much with the purple."

"George, you're even smarter than me... and you have fabulous hair."

Mane the Mean said...

At what age do men stop being sexy? How about women? Is it absolute, or does it depend on the age of the observer?

And what's wrong with purple? The fact that it is not in fashion right now, I assume. Were it in fashion, there would be no problem.

Ilana said...

Keith, =D

Eve said...

Are you actually asking when people stop being sexy or are you just commenting on age and sexiness?

and btw: purple is my favorite color

Mane the Mean said...


since, according to Ilana, a 62-year old cannot be sexy, I am asking at what age one cannot be sexy anymore.

Ilana said...

Eve, seriously. Just ignore Matti. He has nothing better to do than try to antagonize people. He'd argue the sky is pink if you told him it was blue.