Saturday, February 04, 2006

Jewelry and dinner

I had a great time at Laura's house at the jewelry party. I saw her sister Christina, and met many of her friends. When introducing me to one of her friends, Laura said, "You two know each other." When observing our quizzical looks, she added, "We went to the beach together." Still nothing. "The year after we graduated from high school."

That was 14 years ago for those playing along at home. ;)

Afterwards, I went home so my parents could take me out to One Bistro for my birthday. Dinner was delicious, and the company was great. =) My parents know the chef through one of my father's coworkers, and he came to greet us, later sending us dessert at the end of the meal.

My parents seemed to know about 25% of the people at the restaurant. We ran into a couple they knew from several years ago, who--upon meeting me--said, "Where's the husband?" Excellent. Thanks for that. I then greeted a former classmate's parents. Same line of questioning: "Are you married? Are you seeing anybody?" Okay, that's it. I'm sticking to the city where older singles are more accepted, even expected. =D


the write mom said...

Their son-in-law? I've met him a few times. Between someone like that and single - I'm thrilled you're single!

Eve said...

you go mom!

Ilana said...

=D!!! You're the best!

Mane the Mean said...

What happens in a jewelrt party?