Monday, February 13, 2006

Of course when I tell you I'll give ya more...

...I write less.

Anyway, my weekend was great. It started off on Friday evening with cocktails and snacks at the MIT Museum. Every time I go to that place, I promise myself I will return soon. Hopefully, this time I will make good on that promise =)

Saturday I went shopping and for lunch with the mom. We had a great time, buying out much of Costco and eating at the Kebab Factory. That night, I went for dinner (thanks, Rachael and Chris!), then to a party at Gilon's. Both were a lot of fun, but a couple of hours into the party, I was exhausted and headed home.

Any outdoor plans for Sunday were shot due a blizzard we got up here, but I had an excellent time inside, watching the blizzard, being lazy, and finding new and different ways to avoid homework. ;)

Yup, I'll be paying for it tonight.


Keith said...

You have no idea how much I miss snow right now... I was seeing all the pictures on the news about the blizzard, thinking about how I used to love to sit out on my balcony while wrapped in a blanket, watching the snow fall. It was awesome.

Eve said...

Where is your list of 5 things you did instead of doing homework? I like lists.

Ilana said...

Ah, Keith, my friend. Blizzards are indeed wonderful when you are sitting at home. It's when you go out to shovel off your car it gets tough. Then your windshield cannot stay clean for more than 3 seconds for two weeks following the storm.

Eve, here is my list:
1. Ignored my sister's requests
2. Ignored Hannah's mommy's request3
3. Ignored Jeff's wife's requests
4. Ignored mom and dad's younger daughter requests.
5. Laughed quietly at my sister. =D