Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Running with Scissors

I know I have been pretty bad about blogging lately. I still feel absolutely wiped out. I know, I'm such a wimp. =D

Yesterday, I somehow managed to find a needle I had lost after stitching my putting my hand down on it and having it go pretty darn deep. Thanks to BT for the first aid. =)

The big news of today was that my backpack strap got stuck in my car's cup holder thingy. I had to walk into work holding my laptop like a schoolgirl with her books. Eventually, I got to school, parked at Sloan, and came up to SDM to get scissors. Some people are scared to run with scissors; I don't even want to walk with the darn things.

So I walked through the SDM building, through the corridor to a Sloan building, down three flights of stairs, and out to the parking lot holding the scissors facing downwards, safely protected by my fist, just like we learned in kidnergarten. I cut loose the backpack, and I was free!

Anyway, that should give you people enough ammo on me for a while. Now it's off to CEO perspective: Corporations at the Crossroads.

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