Friday, February 03, 2006

Thanks, Sam!

Last night Sam cooked an absolutely amazing dinner for a few friends, including me. It was so good I got a little carried away at about the fourth course and proposed to Sam. =D I'm afraid it might not work out though; I really want a Vegas wedding while Sam seems to be perfectly happy with City Hall and Foxwoods. Hmph. If Elvis ain't in attendance, it ain't happening! =D

The only entity to enjoy the meal as much as I did was my shirt, which insisted on sampling everything. Nothing says "fashion" like argyle with currant sauce.

Afterwards, I stopped by the Thirsty Ear quickly to visit with the 06's and see if they were singing any karaoke. They were not, and I found myself entering the serious stages of a food coma, so left after about 20 minutes.


Keith said...

What's wrong with Foxwoods??

Ilana said...

Foxwoods is a great place. However, if Sam and I are going to tie the knot after a long relationship (which actually hasn't started yet), I want the flash and romance of Vegas, dammit!

Cybersam said...

Alright, just for you Ilana I will book a penthouse suite in Vegas with all the glitter and romance. ;-)