Saturday, February 04, 2006

Things I have done today....

...instead of working on my thesis:

1. My taxes: start to finish, state and federal, including e-filing.
2. Shredded old papers (we're talking from Atlanta banks here, people).
3. Finally found a link to the Mohammed cartoons.
4. Blogged
5. Leaving soon for jewelry party.
6. Misspelled "jewelry."
7. Caught misspelling by looking it up at


Dharmesh Shah said...

Things I did instead of writing my thesis today:

1. Attempted to play the violin
2. Provided interior decorating advice to my wife (summarily ignored)
3. Read Ilana's blog
4. Commented on Ilana's blog
5. Felt guilty for all of the above

Eve said...

ooh i want to play...

Things I did today instead of writing thank you notes:

1. cleaned my apartment
2. watched the real world/road rules gauntlet II on MTV
3. watched HGTV
4. did not watch "what not to wear"
5. took a walk

Ilana said...

=D You guys crack me up.