Saturday, February 18, 2006

Classes this Term

I have to say that my classes so far this term have been excellent. I was not expecting much from a couple of them, but am impressed with all of them. I also have great teams. Here is what I am taking by order of class (i.e. Monday-Friday, 9-5, etc)

Systems Optimization: This class is interesting so far. Students last year raved about the quality of the class and instructor. So far, they are correct about the instructor. Simchi-Levi is excellent. A 9-12 class is a bit harsh on the ol' attention span, but I try. The first homework was tough, but hopefully the second will be better now that I have learned the tool (Solver in Excel)
Team: Joe, John Haj, maybe Yaming and Yuhong

Disruptive Technologies: Excellent. Utterback is a great and engaging lecturer (as I wrote earlier this week. Not much more to say than that.) As for the team in this class, it seems as though it will be good. We all had to choose a disruptive technology for the possibility of presenting before the class. I chose Open Source, and was among the 25 out of 60 to present my technology. I had planned on joining Sam's team, but found a number of people asking me about joining up after class (we were given time to make teams).
Team: The only ones on the team that I know so far are Kevin B and Rajiv. Both are SDMers that I have not worked with as of yet. The other three members are Sloanies. We temporarily had Paul B, but he was stolen by Sam's team. (You boys just wait til basketball....elbows will be flying!)

Product Design and Development: I was not expecting much from this class at all, but find myself really happy with it. In this class, we need to design and product a product (see Sorin's blog for more details). I am very excited about my product and team (no details yet =))
Team: Rachael, Paul W, and Biju.

Corporations at the Crossroads: The CEO Perspective (auditing): I'm excited for this class, but have only been able to attend one of the two lectures as I was sick last week. Apparently, Sloanies call this course "Clapping for Credit" (thanks, Dave!), but I'm not taking it for the credit, just for the clapping.

System Safety: This is probably not a course I would have taken if Nancy Leveson was not teaching it. I took her Software Engineering Concepts last term and loved it, so figured I would try this one out. It is actually very interesting. She details accidents such as the Challenger and air contamination in Bhopal, and talks about what could have been done to stop them. This class is Friday 1-4, so is at a bad time. However, Leveson realizes this and gives us ample breaks; we had two on Friday.
Team: Paul W and a woman from Lincoln Labs.

Okay, now that I have detailed each class and used the word "excited" more times than a third-grader would in his "What I Will Do with my Summer Vacation" essay, I guess I should go do some homework.


Mane the Mean said...

Great that your courses are great! I am so happy to hear that.

Robbie Allen said...

Looks like a full load!