Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kornheiser on MNF!!!

ESPN has added Tony Kornheiser to the MNF football crew. If you read this blog, you know I am not a bid fan of John Madden. Anywhere they went not including that man was a step in the right direction for me.

I really like the choice of Kornheiser (who will be teamed with Theismann and Tirico). He has a very sharp wit, but a little more common-mannish than Dennis Miller. I'm seriously pumped about this. YAY! This can even improve PTI, as Wilbohn can take little jabs at the Monday Night commentating. Ooo...this is going to be fun.

I guess NBC--Madden's new home--will be the only station I will be muting next season =)


steve said...

You mean you don't mute the craptastic Fox duo of McCarver and Buck?

Ilana said...

I couldn't do that! They brought me one of the best moments of the 2004 ALCS.

They were doing a close-up of Curt Schilling's bloody sock. I think it was McCarver who said, "And Curt Schilling has bled exactly into the shape of the state of Oklahoma. Which is interesting!"

The camera then panned back to the game, and no further comment was made. We shall never know why it is interesting that Schilling should bleed into the shape of the state of Oklahoma, or why McCarver thought the bloody patch even looked like the midwestern state.

Few people remember this comment. I actually had it on my TiVo for about month after, then inadvertantly deleted it instead of another game after I bought the DVD sets. Dammit!

Jay said...

I would take Joe Buck over Tony Kornheiser any day of the week. Tony Kornheiser isnt funny without Michael Wilbon feeding him softballs.

Keith said...

I absolutely can't stand John Madden. My friends will tell you that I spent half the Superbowl complaining about what a stupid moron he is. And the other half hoping that Budweiser's "Magic Fridge" ad played again.