Saturday, April 16, 2005

Yup, I pulled an Ilana

So I'm at the beach in Florida. I had a wonderful little spot picked out for myself when three icky guys sat too close. "Well," I figured, "Probably time to head back anyway. Maybe I'll read a bit from the balcony in my hotel room which overlooks the Gulf."

So I got back and went out on the porch, closing the door behind me to lock in the air conditioning. I sat ou tthere for a few minutes before deciding to come back in and grab my water.

So the air conditioning was locked in, and I was locked out. In my bikini.

I made a couple of phone calls to Elizabeth and Dan to find the number for the front desk. I eventually called and asked if the doors here lock automatically from the inside. The desk lady said she wasn't sure. So I told her of my predicament. She laughed.

Ten more minutes passed, and I was pacing on the balcony. I glanced in the room, and for some reason was surprised to see a Holiday Inn attendant there (and of course a cute young guy. If I'm going to look like this much of an ass, might as well embarass myself completely in front of a hottie =D ). So he unlocked the door and let me in, cautioning that I should always make sure that the door is unlocked before heading out.

Maybe a few signs warning of this would help? Or is this just a typical Ilana?

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Eve said...

A little sign would have def. been beneficial -- i agree!!