Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Out with Posada, in with the Varitek

Woohoo! Double whammy! I pulled off the Posada-for-Varitek trade. I don't care how good Posada may be...I don't want to root for that ass.

This came about because Todd, who wins in our fantasy leagues about half the time, wanted to do a straight-up trade for closers (my Rodriguez for his Lyon). Todd is a crafty fellow, so I asked why he wanted to make the trade. He replied because he "likes Rodriguez." So I told him to throw in Varitek, and it was a deal, because I "like Varitek." I AM SUCH A SMARTY PANTS =)

Go, Spike Sharpeners!!!

1 comment:

Yoav said...

Well done! (I think)

Post a link to your league standings so we can all see your performance! ;)