Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Homework Hell. (Happened how?)

I am currently trying to climb out of homework hell. Finishing up two of my three papers with intermittent breaks to study for ERBA.

Well, just got a reprieve from one of my papers. My study partner for Tech Strategy is in a meeting with clients tonight, and I can't go any further with this thing until we discuss.

I don't understand why SDM doesn't give students the finance class first. The knowledge we will supposedly gain there is currently used in many of our other classes. Tech Strategy would be much easier with some rudimentary knowledge of how funding works (no, I didn't learn it at work...never needed to deal with this stuff).

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Yoav said...

Don't focus too much on the monetary instruments, even for Thermo Electron. IMHO that's not the point of the case ;)