Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cruelty to Animals...not cool

Yesterday evening I went for a walk to relax after my hectic day of quizzes. As I neared the point in my route when I about-face and walk back, I noticed a woman talking on a cell phone while her dog scared the daylights out of a cat. He was barking at it, playing with it really, but the cat was terrified. The cat had her back hunched and was hissing. I also noted that she had on a collar, indicating that she was someone's pet.

I continued on my way, but got mad at myself for letting this happen. I turned back and headed back to the confrontation. When I was still about twenty yards away, the dog jumped at the cat, and it scurried up a tree. Needless to say, I was livid. I walked to the tree, and the woman immediately called her dog and walked away quickly under my glare.

I stayed with the cat, coaxing it down from the perch it held twenty feet above the ground. I know cats can fall safely, but if Scully were ever stuck, I would want someone to stay with her. The kitty eventually came down after about half an hour.

The mentality of that woman completely shocks me. How can you stand by and watch an animal belonging to you terrify an animal belonging to someone else? Or even an animal not owned by a person? Scully is my most precious "possession." I know that the majority of pet owners would agree with my sentiments. How could she let her pet endanger the life of another pet?

I feel sorry for that woman's dog. It would be an insult to all dogs to call this woman a bitch.

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