Friday, April 08, 2005

Why am I in on a Friday?

As always, we finished up our Friday class and headed to the Muddy. And, as always, I got there, put down my stuff, and headed to the ladies' room. Unfortunately, I could not get the zipper on my pants down (INC side zip pants), so went back upstairs. I grabbed Jeanne, and we tried to get it unfastened together. We only succeeded in ripping a small hole in the pants.

We went back upstairs, and I finished my beer over the next 15 minutes. I then left for home where I cut out the zipper so it can be replaced. Since I was too lazy to get dressed and go back, it is now official bathrobe time.


Cybersam said...

You didn't miss anything since everyone left for home after you left. Maybe staying at home was a good choice after all.

Yoav said...

The muddy is nothing without me, I tell you! ;) Just kidding of course. I'd have loved to be there to see you squirming.