Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I won my pool!

I won my NCAA pool! Beat out eight boys. Yay! I came in second by one point in the SDM pool to Yoav. Man, I am going to find out where he got that one point and make him pay. =D

It was a great game last night. Definitely felt like UNC was teasing us a bit, running up a big lead, then letting Illinois catch up. I was very impressed by May's play. What a studmuffin.

Speaking of studmuffins, I am setting up an interview with Margaret Hamilton for my Apollo class. She was one of the leads on the Apollo guidance software. The software she wrote in the early Sixties priortized jobs and never failed. Perhaps because she used an end-to-end process, design to testing, even in the Sixties?!? I cannot wait to talk to this woman.


Yoav said...

Ahh, hello? You didn't win the SDM pool, you came in second ;)

Ilana said...

Dude! You can make picks, but did you ever learn to read? Go back and read the entry again instead of just the big, flashy title =D

Yoav said...

I can't read anything that's less than a 16pt font, sorry ;)

Ilana said...


And you think I'm the old lady! =D

Yoav said...

I don't think you're old... On the contrary, that's why I always say you set the minimum age limit too high ;) 25 year olds are fine and fun!