Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Random Memories

Now that I'm back in school, I am getting flashbacks to my previous school days.

Does anybody remember elementary school bathrooms? When you washed your hands, ours had that weird, rough, white soap. You pushed up on a lever hanging down from this white container thing, and soap the consistency of sand came out. They also had this soap in the big sink in my kindergarten classroom.

Then there was the toilet paper. It was in little squares in a silver container on the wall. No rolls, just squares.

Here's my question: was the weird soap and toilet paper just a sign of the times, or were they all like that? Here at MIT they have liquid soap and normal toilet paper (not extra cushy or anything, just normal).

Were other people's schools like this? And why do I have these memories burned in while I forgot everything I actually learned (e.g. calculus)?

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Eve said...

I remember the sandy soap!! Good memory? How bout the really small toilets? And being someone who has recently worked in a number of schools... they don't have the sandy soap or the square toilet paper anymore... phew, right?!