Friday, April 29, 2005

Da Muddy

If it's Friday, it must be Muddy day! After class, a group went to the Muddy Charles for a beer or six. Gabi, one of my 'shmen at Dartmouth, met me there. It was wonderful to see her, and she looked great! It's weird that when I was "shmom" I seemed so much older than Gabi and my other 'shmen. Now, they're older than a lot of folks in weird.

After the Muddy, we (Christian, Irina, Dave, John Haj, John Hem, Matti, and I) went to One Kendall Square for a beer and dinner. Christian left to get Patti at the airport, and Hempe departed soon after. The remaining folks trooped over to Tavern on the Water.

Tavern was too crowded when we got there, so we hung out outside for a while. I was susprise the downstairs area wasn't open yet. Soon, I hope!

It was a good time =)

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