Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The School of Ilanalogic

I just realized that most of the folks in Boston are not well-versed in the school of Ilanalogic. This requires some serious training. A sample of the high-level laws:

1. If you are spending money on something you don't want to be spending money on, spend more than that amount on something you want. For example, when I was still paying my mortgage/condo fee in Atlanta after 4 months of being up here, I bought myself a really nice, flat-screen HDTV television set.

2. If it's not fun, don't do it! Or at least convince yourself it leads to something fun. For example, weight-lifting is usually fun. When it's not, just imagine the fun you'll have after you look great from lifting.

ilanalogic! Works every time (every time I want it to)

More to come as they are used in everyday life.


Eve said...

I like Ilanalogic... works for me! Good it be a Davidism?

Ilana said...

Davidism works as well! We need to have some of those. Maybe if we laugh at David during his Bar Mitzvah speech this weekend?