Friday, March 18, 2005

Welcome, Jamaal

As I was waiting to get through security at Logan's newest terminal, terminal A, a man behind me asked about the SDM program at MIT. It was Jamaal off to see his girlfriend Krystal in New York city. He is attending Harvard grad school for psychology after graduating from Princeton with a degree in Engineering (I'd boldface those schools, but they're not as cool as MIT so therefore do not deserve the proper noun treatment.

Jamaal and I enjoyed a delicious, overpriced meal at Legal Test Kitchen, Legal Seafood's lest seafood-y spinoff. It was very good. And great company! Jamaal happened to bring up that he played pickup hoops, so I invited him to one of our Wednesday basketball outings. Perhaps he'll get a bunch of Harvard folks, and we can settle this whole Harvard-MIT thing once and for all.

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