Saturday, March 12, 2005

First Entry

I finally set up my own blog. Woohoo! I guess the combination of an English degree and a career in software engineering should have guaranteed I already had one....but I didn't until now! I decided to set one up so I could talk about my career, going back to school, the Sox, the Pats...whatever. Like every other blogger out there, I guess I feel I just have insight to share. (Yeah, right)

I'll start with this: ERBA sucks. I'm in on a Saturday night studying. I haven't done this since finals period at Dartmouth (which was always on a weekend for some ungodly reason). Studying has been so thrilling that I have procrastinated to the point where I had nothing better to do than create a blog.

Thanks to Yoav, Matti, Sam, and Robbie for all having such good blogs that I decided to jump in myself.


Yoav said...

Congratulations ;)

davididad said...

Hi Lani
Thank you very much for the best wishes, the DSL and the Blog. Now we can classify you officially as a "nerd" (a beautiful nerd but nonthelessa nerd)
Love you