Sunday, March 27, 2005

Six Pages

Six pages! We have started on the sixth page! yay!


Mane the Mean said...

The best way to write term papers is to write 0.5 to 1 page every week, right after the class. This way, before the last class, one has the necessary raw text ready, and one only has to use a few hours to make it in one coherent whole.

This is one of the principles of lean studying. Some others are:

# Learn to think on your feet.
# Do not stop the value, when it is flowing. For example, if you get an assignment is a class, and have 1 hour free time after the class, try to complete the assignment and turn it in. This way you get it done, and you can start worrying something else. And it is always faster to continue doing something than to start anew.
# Try to be 2-3 days ahead of your assignments. It gives you freedom in doing other things, and also some flexibility. Also, if you can do something, let it be for 2 days, and then check it before turning it in, the quality is much better.
# Write when walking. Do not stop thinking ever, develop your ideas all the time. Be careful not to think wrong things: when walking to an exam/presentation, think of something else. Thanks to S for this advice.
# Load your mind before going to sleep and most of the things will be clear in the morning. (idea gotten from professor Crawley)
# Think things trough once and well. Do not just assume you understand them, test yourself by trying out the new methods to some small exercises. (this is a hard principle to obey to with the current workload).
# Learn how to read and walk at the same time. It sometimes helps to cope with excessive reading amount.
# Keep breaks. If you just cannot figure out something after trying hard for an hours or so, change to some other subject. (this is a variant of the loading and sleeping principle). Thanks to S for clarifying this.
# Divide your time among the different classes/topics. Do not use more than allocated time for each class even if you cannot solve/complete all assignments in that time. If you overdo anything, you will end up in vicious circle of being late and underdoing everything.
# Remember that the goal is to learn. Good grades will follow. Worrying about grades is waste of time and mental energy.

Ilana said...

Matti, you rule.