Monday, March 21, 2005

Back in the ATL

Got my rental car then hit Ulta, the ultimate girl store. Spent way too much money, then met Rob for lunch at Neuvo Laredo. Yumyumyum! From there, we went to his house to pick up an FM transmitter so I could listen to my iPod on my way through Alabama (NOT a place you want to be without tunes), then drove up to Suzanne's. It was so nice to see Suzanne. She and her family are like a second family away from home. Rachel keeps getting more mature and prettier, and Matthew is more handsome and getting ready to apply to schools! Of course Dartmouth is high on his list. I'm tellin' ya...the kid's wicked smaht!!!

Suzanne, Rachel, and I went food shopping after a brief stop to meet up with Bert, Suzanne's man. We brought the food home where Suzanne and Rachel cooked it, and I cheered them on. Good cooking! Yay!

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