Friday, March 25, 2005

Back to Bahstin

At the Atlanta airport now after an already exciting day. I woke up, sat with Kellie, Allen and Payton for a while, then took off for home. I made a brief stop at the outlets, then continued on to the Pensacola airport which is about an hour-and-a-half from Destin. (By the way, there's someone having a long conversation on the payphone next to me. Who does that anymore???) There is a little redneck bar in Destin that has the world's most incredible gumbo. I planned to stop there, grab a gallon, and continue on my way.

I quickly realized I would be stuck in beach traffic, so decided against my stop. Then I saw the sign and turned in anyway. Being the bar that it is, they didn't have any containers for gumbo to go, so I had to settle for just a bowl to go in styrofoam and a flimsy top.

I got back on 98 and tried to will the traffic to move faster. Unfortunately, there was a state trooper among us, so everybody was crawling. In a few quick ilana-patented moves, I got around the cop at a light and managed to leave the slow folk behind. I still got to Pensacola with moments to spare. I jumped on the plane, settled down, and went to enjoy the gumbo that had delayed me for half an hour. You guessed had spilled all over. I still had half a bowl left, so I was happy, but much of the plane smelled like gumbo.

Upon arriving in Atlanta for my three-hour layover, I immediately headed over to the Red Brick bar even though it was three terminals over. The bartender smiled and asked me how Savannah had been. It's great to make an impression sometimes. =) (positive? Negative? Who knows!)

My friend Grant in Atlanta is having friends over to play poker tonight. I am very tempted to ditch out of here and go join 'em. They need to board this flight soon!!!

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