Thursday, March 17, 2005

Warren Tavern...YAY

Last night I went to the Tavern (for a change) with Lois, a very cool, single recent addition to Boston (we've found another one, Elizabeth! Our ranks are growing!)

Once again, our bartender treated us right...we had four drinks for the price of one. There was a guy who looked like one of the bagpipers who were there last year for St Patty's day. Fortunately, as soon as he started talking I could tell he wasn't Irish, so I didn't have to ask him if he was a bagpiper. In retrospect, his reaction to such a question would have been entertaining.

As soon as I got home, Andrew and Dave called to let me know they were just heading over. Ah, the revolving door of the Warren Tavern. Always a pleasure.


Yoav said...

So just because one's not Irish, one can't be a bagpiper?

Ilana said...

Okay, after I'm done laughing about the image of you with bagpipes...

The one I met there last year was Irish. So maybe this was a bagpiper, but not the bagpiper ;)