Wednesday, March 16, 2005

ERBA Does not Help in Fantasy Baseball

I had the first of two fantasy baseball drafts last night. I figured I could use some kind of probability formula to combine Yahoo's O-rating plus the general rating. I ended up with such luminaries as Roger Clemens, Adrian Beltre, and Moises Alou. Apparently, probability favors old people. Oh well.

Here is my haiku for the day:

Dirty heaps of snow
Why won't you just go away?
If you don't, I will.


Hannes said...

Was your draft an autodraft?

What were you trying to find the probability of? What player will be available to you at your spot?

Ilana said...

Nope! Not on autodraft. Probably would have done better had it been ;)

I was just trying to add the rankings together to try to devise some scientific method other than how cute I think the players' butts are =D