Sunday, April 30, 2006

Catching Up

On Friday, I heard a wonderful lecture from Al Ford on the Subsafe program in my System Safety class. He spoke about how to embue a stringent safety program without having those in the company become jaded. The Subsafe program was started after the Thresher sank in 1963, and they have not lost a sub since. We saw very moving video of the Thresher, the Challenger, and the Columbia. The final film we saw showed men involved with the Thresher talking about how scared they were that something they had done had caused the death of the 129 men aboard the Thresher.

After that, Will and I met Josh, Ed,, and Ed's brother Adam out for drinks, followed by a sushi dinner.

Saturday, we went to Hannah's naming. The service was almost two hours long. The rabbi seemed nice, but he did not skip a single prayer, which is pretty ridiculous considering many who attend baby showers are not necessarily Jewish. After the service (during which Eve cried more than, I'm not tired of that joke yet), we had a good lunch at the temple followed by some hang-out time at home with my family, Naomi, and Steve.

That evening, Will took me out to dinner at Sibling Rivalry and then for drinks at Excelsor. The food, drinks, and company were all excellent. =)


Yoav said...

Hey, sorry we couldn't hook up last night. Glad to hear you had a good time, though!

A couple of questions: where'd you go for sushi? And do you really think subsafe can be applied in a real company, as opposed to a military service?

Anonymous said...

Zen at 21 Beacon St. Right next to the State House. Very good and quite reasonable.

Subsafe: Yes, it could be applied to a company as long as there is a common bond and a fear of failure throughout the community. It doesn't need to be so harsh as "129 people died in April of 1963," but you do need a constant motivator. (pride, profits,...)