Monday, April 10, 2006

Another softball game....

Still sore from the game on Saturday, my fellow Zara's Revengers took the field vs the LFM '07's. It was a really fun game, despite the fact that we got pulverized.

Personally, I had a great game. I got a ground-rule triple over the left-centerfielder's head that I could have stretched into a home run if it hadn't run into bushes on the periphery (I actually ran all the way to home and had to go back to second, then to third, as the rules were decided). Will did great as well, with a double and a single, which I guess add up to my triple. ;)


Yoav said...

Ouch! Subtle dig there on the last sentence... How come Will never comments on this blog? (Come to think of it, he should have his own blog, the ying to your yang, so to speak...)

Where can I keep track of the MIT intramural softball league standings?

Ilana said...

He comments occasionally as an anonymous reader. Will, why don't you have a blog? Get your ying in action!

I don't know if official standings are kept. Seeing as how we are currently 0-2, I'm fine with that =D

Wow, there are a lot of things I don't know apparently. I can be such an ignoramus! =D

Anonymous said...

I like the anonymity of the "anonymous" title. (Amazing how that works!) And I like to see what weird words I can make from the word verification when submitting as the anonymous writer.

Ilana had a great game and displayed flawless precision at second base... this time without incident or bruises.

How's that for my ying?

Yoav said...

Saw this joke earlier today, thought you'd appreciate it:

Q: How many people with ADD does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: HEY! Let's ride bikes!!!
(from Infectious Greed)

Ilana said...

Love it!