Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stick It!

The creators of "Bring It On" are coming out with "Stick It," the gymnastics equivelent to the cheering of the prior film. Yes, "Bring It On" is one of my favorite films. I share this weird love with Katie, the other female engineer in the group. We want to plan a girls' night out to go see the film and enjoy martinis afterwards, as soon as I am done with class (along with Liz and Corey, of course!)

Chickies--let me know if you are interested. Guys--I am sure you are happy to be dodging a bullet with this one. =D

1 comment:

elkadlub said...

Corey & I are done the 10th...count us in. :) Remind me to send you the t-shirt w/ the "Bring It On" reference - you'll love it!