Sunday, April 09, 2006

Softball with the LFMers

Yesterday was my first softball game of the season with Zara's Revenge, the LFM softball team run by Aimee that I played with last year. It was great to see everybody again and be out on the field.

It was very cold out, so it was hard to grip the bat or the ball, but I did okay. I batted out to the pitcher, then got a base hit to short right-center field, and batted out to the right fielder. (I can place the ball pretty well, so was trying to get it over the right fielder's head into a nice, clear spanse of field...didn't quite make it).

The other "highlight" was when I went to turn a double play. I was playing second (as I have been doing since I was 19) and our shortstop made a play on the ball and tossed it to me. I was about to turn to first when some little brat from the other team came SLIDING into me. Who in the heck tries to break up a double play in softball???? I have been playing recreational softball for over 10 years now and have never seen anything like it. I was too schocked to even say anything. It was kind of a nasty fall, and I am sore today from it. What a jerk! Will overheard members of the other team saying that they should "Be aggressive on the bases," even if it means "taking out" members of our team. Asses.

The ump called this ass safe because (surprise) I dropped the ball during my unexpected spill. Next play, the guy at first comes over to second, where again the shortstop tosses to me. I had my foot on the edge of the base (after 13 years of playing this position, I know not to block the bag. Hear that, first guy?) The ump calls him out and the guy starts bitching. I said, "Dude. You're out. You're standing on my foot. I got here first with the ball." Idiot.

Aside from those two incidents, it was a really fun game. The team stayed afterwards for some batting practice, but I had to go get ready to have dinner with Will's parents, who were in town from Texas for the evening. They were staying at the Custom House (in a room with a gorgeous view of the Harbor), so Will and I took a cab to meet them there. We had dinner at the Sail Loft, then grabbed some dessert at Modern pastry in the North End which we brought back to eat in the room. It was my first time meeting Will's dad, second time for his mom. I really like both of them, and it turned out to be a great evening despite my various bruises. =)


Yoav said...

(a) Did you win the game?

(b) Who cares about softball? Blog about us having the best record in the majors while you can!

Ilana said...

No =(

I care! =) Yeah, Sox rule!!

Yoav said...

I care too, I was just teasing you ;) Well, to tell the truth, I only care about softball if one of two conditions is true: either my friends are playing (including extended friends like the LFM/SDM community), or someone hot enough to be on the various "Hottest Woman" lists, like Jennie Finch, is playing.