Thursday, March 09, 2006

Olives in my Black Pants

Last night, Will, Elizabeth, Nick, and I went to Olive's to take advantage of Boston's restaurant week. Food was delicious and company was great. After dinners including steak, gnocchi, fish, and chocolate cake with a yummy red zin, we headed over to Warren Tavern. I actually had to pay cover! They are under new ownership and apparently the local discount is over. So annoying. The place was hopping and I got to see Brie, Andrew, Gregg, Jimmy, and of course singer Justin. Too much fun.

I wore black pants out. I have worn three different pairs of black pants in the last 24 hours and still have 5 or 6 pairs in my closet. I guess I really like black pants.


Yoav said...

Maybe black pants are the new little black dress? ;)

Olive's is cool, restaurant week is great. Which red zin?

Anonymous said...

Those pants look great on you! All 8 pairs.

The Zin was from Paso Robles, CA, but can't recall the name.

Last night at Turner's we had a Maso Canalli Pinot Grigio from Italy. That was even better.

Ilana said...

Thanks! Anon, does this mean you want me to write about dinner? =D

Anonymous said...

now i understand why my wife has more than a dozens of jeans. she claimed they were all different. but i really don't see any different.:)