Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad, Happy Anniversary, Blog, Happy Slacking, me

Duuuude. I have been busy. Events I have missed:

March 12 was the one-year anniversary of this blog. This is my 520th post. I thought I talked a lot....now I know I can write a lot, too! Thanks again to Robbie, Yoav, and Matti for providing me the inspiration to start my own blog.

March 13 was my dad's official 60th birthday. Happy birthday, dad!

So where have I been? I was buried in work and school, then left for Atlanta for Suzanne's wedding. A quick run-down:

Friday: Finished up class, took a deep breath, then went to the Sloan Unity Party for about 20 minutes and the Cowboy Mouth concert with Will. The concert was incredible, as usual.

Saturday: Will took me to the airport for my 6am flight. I passed out cold as soon as we got in the air, which is very rare for me. Upon landing, I picked up my rental car and drove immediately to Ulta, where I spent way too much money on makeup and hair stuff. I also checked out DSW Shoes, but was able to withstrain (aka restrain) myself. Then Shannon called to say she was running late for lunch, so I went to Intimacy. I was just waiting for AmEx to call to see if my card was stolen.

I had lunch with Shannon at Neuvo Laredo, then went up to Tara, Goober, and Jeff's where I would be staying. We hung out and talked for a while, then I had to leave for the wedding. The wedding was wonderful: I barely recognized Rachel and Emily as both girls looked like beautiful, grown-up women. It was very strange. =) Matthew looked great as well, as did Suzanne and her new hubby Burt. Unfortunately, Suzanne's oldest son, Adam, was home sick with the flu =(

Anyway, the wedding was great, and then I went back to the house where I joined a party in progress with Grant and Tracy and the housefolk.

Sunday: Went to the wedding brunch. Very nice. I got to spend more time with Suzanne's parents, who are just wonderful people. From there, I went to see Pat and Amy, two of my freshmen from when I was a floor mom. They have a gorgeous daughter, Meghan, who is now 18 months. I stayed there for some time before having to head back to the house to go to a party at Tracy and Grant's. We were later joined by Patty, Nate, Sully, and Badonkadonk. It was great to see everyone. I was in bed by 8:30 =)

Monday: Dentist, then a walk through Piedmont Park. I was feeling very contemplative, and enjoyed sitting on a swing staring out at the city. After that, I went to the CNN Center (where I used to work), and saw Shannon, Steve, Yuliya, Firf, Mark, Unni, Jeff D, Mick M, David, as well as several others I hadn't planned to see, such as Joey, Mark and my favorite security guard. It was great just running into them. I hadn't seen some of these folks for quite some time.

I then flew out, arrived in Boston, was picked up by Will, then went over to Sloan for a meeting.

Today: Dude, I'm tired.


Yoav said...

Rusty on the spelling there, eh? Withstrain? Neuvo? Still nice to have you back blogging ;) Don't make it a monthly thing like Sam ;)

There's apparently nothing like a new guy to make women go buy new lingerie ;)

Ilana said...

Withstrain = restrain, but from even deeper within. ;)

I didn't have an internet connection all weekend, being down thar in Jorja like I was.

I have two stores I always go to when I am in Atlanta: Ulta and Intimacy. Don't be tryin' to get me in trouble there, brother. =D

Eve said...

i, like, took a walk this weekend... you were like, wicked busy... even if it was just buying lingerie and stuff...

the write mom said...

isn't it Alta?